My style is practical, uses the KISS principle and takes the first person. I own what I write and thus do not subscribe to language such as 'the author says'.There will be 12 sessions which may be used by individuals or as an aid to your own teaching. The sessions aim to cover: Ageism Abuse Chronic and complex morbidity Nursing homes and RACFS The essence of nursing Interdisciplinary care What is PCC Care planning Caring with older people Caring with PWD Where do families fit Staff Leadership Policy, systems and processes Research Education Workforce Consent and assent Sex Dying Staff family conflict Environment Technology to support not replace Each session will include activities and resources. Depending on interest I may open up some ZOOM question and discussion time. I was told paying for something increases it value so I am charging: $15A/session for individual learning $45A/session for organisations which allows sharing across that organisation.