ME paradigm

22. Jan, 2015

The ME paradigm has outlived its usefulness and is now bordering on narcissism. We are bombarded with messages on how to feel good about ourselves. Many messages tell us to avoid negative people. History shows us that the most admired and influential people worked with negativity and often evil to try and change the world into a better place. Examples include Jesus, Mandella, Ghandi, Luther King. Living includes the good and the bad. We would not appreciate the sun if it never got dark. We don't appreciate being pain free if we have not experienced pain. We don't understand grief until we lose someone we really love. 

 To live a full life we must embrace the highs and build the strategies to deal with the lows. The most shallow people I have encountered are those who have had little to overcome. Learning to work with negativity builds important life skills. I wonder if there is more bullying or if there is less resilience?

Euthanasia is in my mind the ultimate ME act. 

My hope for 2017 is that generosity and community mindedness starts to replace narcissism. Birth, Life and death are about a lot more than ME.

in my career I was privileged to have many many experiences where I could do something for others. I say categorically that it was those experiences that made my life worthwhile. Avoiding negative situations or people does not bring growth.