A man's world?

This is an opinion piece based on around 46 years work experience  in mainly health and education. For me feminism is not about ús against them'; it is only together that we can succeed and make the world a better and more equitable place. Having women only clubs, support groups etc etc simply shouts I am  weak and need a dozen other women to help me cope. The world is made up of women and men whether we like it or not; learning to do things in isolation is not sensible. Men will have no confidence in women while we keep wailing about how it is their fault we are knocking on an unbreakable glass ceiling. For many this is a comfortable position becauase it means we can blame others and not look at ourselves to see what we can do. 

Women do not have to be victims, men generally are not monsters! In my 46 years of paid employment, while there are often tests to see if one can 'take it'and give back as good as you get, it has been the guys who have helped me most. Too often the women made narky comments, and engaged in personal attacks.  

A million examples demonstrate that women are not weak so why keep crying victim? If we want to be at the top table then we need to learn from top table occupants NOT have women ownly support groups. Men have had many years to learn how to deal with the public sphere - they have a lot to teach us. We can combine emotional intelligence and instrumental reason and rock the world together! Thanks to all the guys who gave me a chance, supported me and challenged me to be the best I could be.