Get out clause

The list of people below were chosen on the simple criteria that I know they know their stuff!

If you think I have left someone out let me know.

Also my emphasis is care - not cause/ cure/ epidemiology etc.

Internationals I have not started on

A (developing) LIST!

Abbey Jenny Prof                            palliative approach/ dementia

Ames David Prof     NARI                    geropsych

Bauer Michael Dr   ACEBAC                sexuality, family/staff 

Beattie Elizabeth Prof DCRC QUT /     unmet need behaviours especially wandering

Brodarty Henry Prof DCRC UNSW       BPSD

Byrne Gerard Prof        QU               geropsych

Cartwright Colleen Prof SCU             end of life

Fleming Richard Prof    UoW             design for dementia

Flicker Leon Prof Curtin                  ATSI

Gibson Stephen Prof NARI                pain management

Hill Keith Prof Curtin                       falls

Ibrahim J      Monash                       quality & safety

Katz Benny Dr                                 pain   

Koch Susan Dr                                community care

Kurrle Susan Dr                               elder   abuse

LoGiudice Dina Dr    NARI                 ATSI

Moyle Wendy Prof Griffith Uni          models of dementia care

Murray Michael Dr                         continence

Neville Christine Dr                       depression

Pond Dimity Prof  Newcastle Uni          GPs

Rees Glen     AA                             consumer support

Robinson Andrew Prof                    rural; palliation.

Soar Jeffrey Prof USQ                       assistive technology

Strivens Eddie Dr                            ATSI

Winbolt Margaret Dr                        DTSC Vic & Tas

Yates Mark Dr                                 dementia identifiers

Zeisel John Dr                                philosophy of dementia care