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Dr Chater

Chater Keri:

Ageing: corporeality as resistance

Dr Kellett

Ursula Kellett Creating meaning, responsibility and choice: The lived experience of family carers in nursing homes


Senior Lecturer Griffith University

Dr Angus

Jocelyn Angus

Discourse surrounding relatives’ experiences of nursing home entry

home entry

Senior Lecturer Victoria University

Dr Choowattanapakorn

Tassana Choowattanapakorn

Nursing older people in Thailand: embryonic holistic rhetoric and the reality of biomedical practice

Chulalongkorn University · Faculty of Nursing 

Dr Fiveash

Barb Fiveash

Purposefully activating: Towards client-managed care

Dr Hudson

Rosalie Hudson

Personhood, community and dying

Dr Koch

Susan Koch

Tension between protective custody and human rights

Principal Research Fellow at Royal District Nursing Service Melbourne

Adjunct Associate professor La Trobe University

Chair Ministers Dementia Advisory Group

Dr Beattie

Jill Beattie

The role of the registered nurse in decreasing
polypharmacy in a nursing home context (Co-sup)


Dr Grearly

James Grealy

Resistiveness to care (with Dr S Davis)


Dr Lorga

Thaworn Lorga

Investigation of post discharge care of elderly patients
in Thai regional centres (with Dr W Koch)

Ministerial Advisor Thailand

Dr Baldwin

Ian Baldwin

Investigation of two delivery methods of renal replacement therapy (RRT) in terms of efficiency,metabolic removal, patient comfort, and treatment cost (with Dr W Koch)

Adjunct Professor RMIT

Dr Closs

 Bernie Closs

The role of the gerontic nurse in acute care of people
with dementia


Dr Pitcher

Anne Pitcher

Conditional comfort….GT study investigating nurses assessment and treatment of pain in NH residents with dementia   (with Dr M Bauer)

Commonwealth Gov Advisor

Dr Niki Phillips

Niki Phillips

The administration of medications via nasoenteral
tubes: A comparison of best practice and actual practice (with Dr S Koch)

Dr Susan Hunt

Susan Hunt

Quality use of medicines in residential aged care: an
action research study (with Dr S Koch)

Aged Care Clinical Advisor Australian Government DoHA

Dr Brown

Susan Brown

UTI – Under Treated and Investigated: An examination
of the nursing management of urinary tract infections in
nursing home residents experiencing impaired cognition

Dr Tonuma

 Maie Tonuma

Language and Nursing Practice:  an ethnomethodological study of the connection between language and nursing practice (with Dr S Koch)

Dr Johnson

Pam Johnson

Assessing Pain in people with dementia (with Prof S Gibson)

Dr Pei-Ling Hsieh

Dr Pei-Ling Hsieh 

Maintaining the continuity of family care-giving: A grounded theory study of the experiences of family caregivers hiring foreign nursing assistants to care for relatives with dementia at home in Taiwan

Pei-Ling Hsieh, RN, PhD. Assistant Professor
Department of Nursing, Mackay Medical College
No.46, Sec. 3, Zhongzheng Rd. Sanzhi Dist. New Taipei City, Taiwan 252
Email: phsieh@mmc.edu.tw; peiling9712@yahoo.com.tw