5. Aug, 2013


Michael, Grahame and good ole Fred
always there when ere I said: 'I need you here'
In between we can forget
don't owe them a wealth of debt
John and Keith - they get the tick
I am pretty sure they'll do the trick.

Graduations smoothly ran
when organised by Ralph and Nan
Hong Kong shopping on the run
Nan and friends were so much fun.

Ralph I cannot capture in this little rhyme
his friendship and his wit with are with me all the time
he swore to twist the testicles of those who held me back
'I'm just a biro wrestler' who had the VC's back!

Greg O'Brien and Peter Murphy
from first meeting took some beating
We did the Asian graduations
and drank a little in celebration.

Peter, Paul and Kerry made the process happen
and had my back so many times when the rules and regs I slackened.
Catherine, Chris and George, despite me always late
ensured we met the deadlines for submission date

Praynay, Tim and Deb are more recent friends
on the trail of dollars lost and loyal until the end
A special note for Cathy the gateway to the top
always cheery, despite no doubt a lot of crap she copped

Stephen Duckett, despite his crazy way of going
fantastic boss who gave me space to always keep on growing
Hal was great until the date he learned the word alignment
we've spent our time on finances and the many small refinements!

Sally, Margaret, Susan - Megan, Sammy Jo
took the dream of ACEBAC and ever on the go
students, research, publication
tenders conference presentations
Deirdre, Michaeal, Laura, Jo
Rebecca. Carol and more I know
built the dream to so much more
Gertie Bertie I'll miss your amore

Our doctors learned that I was boss
Benny you will mourn the loss
Michael, Joe you are fantastic
You stretch your time just like elastic!

Ministers always loved me a lot
It helped to get the $ we got
The Hon Rob Knowles a special friend
along with his long serving lovely Jen.

Our partners in the industry have just been so amazing
Freemasion's, ACH, Australain Unity always new trail blazing
So many more have worked with us and helped us in the goal
better life for older people, body heart and soul

Ben has been there with us from the very start
reminding us of carers and the important part they play
Of all my friends from AA, I don't know what to say
Keep up the fight, you know it's right and Glen is still in play

DoHA kept up food and water
we are so good I think they oughta
My students teaching me so much
about yukky wounds and doing it tough.

Other universities we have worked with too,
NARI a special thanks to you;
and I want to thank our northern friends
Who came from o'er the borders to see this sad sad end

John Field - we started back a while
he wrote I 'brought a touch of style'
we ended up the best of friends
he never stabbed me either end

AIPCA a bunch of ornery strays
the best of teams in all possible ways
working with you was a pleasure
memories I will always treasure

My thanks to Deirdre and to Susan
for all the times I was abusing you in public
you saved my pride when the body failed
or worse when I knew the brain had sailed

I've learned so many things of late
to be dependent isn't great
but this transition leaves me reeling
sometimes I can't even name the feeling

The greatest loss
is to be the boss of my lovely Lisa
Loyal efficient always there
You had me 'how and when and where'.

I usually keep the personal and public separate but this time I want to thank my ever supportive partner and soul mate and my kids