Wound or person

You come in each morning to check on my wound

you take off the dressing with eyes full of gloom

your face you have covered to cut down the smell

It's not really working and it is not hard to tell

You look like you'll vomit all over my bed

and yell at the others 'You did not do as I said!

What's the point of me coming if you ignore my advice

I wrote it all down and I've told you all twice.

It's oozing and smelly and the leg could be lost

if the gangrene takes hold just think of the cost.

The family's demanding and will make a great fuss

if they see it like this with so much more pus!'

She never stops screaming the silly old bat

I don't come to work to put up with that

Now a two -person transfer and constantly wet

and way too mcuh trouble for the pay that we get!

We have showers, medications and all of the feeds

then there's the GPs and families with all of their needs

You waltz in and treat us like shit on your shoe

while dressings is all that you have to do.


You all wear the gloves and the gowns and your mask

You seem to forget I am more than a task

I feel like a bag full of filthy old trash

and you just want to finish so out you can dash

Out of my presence, away from the smell

Oh you didn't say that but it's easy to tell

I keep hoping the screaming just might make you think

I am screaming in pain - but you don't make the link

You don't see that screaming and the wound will just worsen

from your failure to see they connect to a person.

 Rhonda Nay