raging or redundant?

9. Feb, 2018

WTF I am going to rage today! I am really really frustrated with my brain, oh and the rest of my body. A walk through the sand to the beach tore my ankle tendons so my foot was twice it’s size, a fall out of bed...no I wasn’t drunk ...wrecked the back again and despite having the flu stab I got the flu!! I am exhausted after putting clothes on the line and I have no desire or energy to go anywhere.

 Thank you Lupus, Sjögrens mitral valve regurgitation and  AF oh and let’s not forget sleep apnoea and narcolepsy. I could add another 12 diagnosis but WTH hwo really cares. In a nutshell I am unable to do anything I want without overwhelming exhaustion and today I just hate it!

I promise I am onto this but and already I am telling myself how lucky I am to have this view!

i don’t ever want pity but you all need to know that these diseases that attack their owner are bastards to live with.

i will always try to joke my way through it but please understand if sometimes I am just too tired to pretend it’s all OK